Hola! my name is Julio Olaza. I was born and raised in Huaraz and began exploring the Cordillera Blanca as a boy. In the 1980's, I worked organizing trekking groups and ran the Tasco Bar, the local Mecca for gringos, travelers resting between trips to the mountains. I really understand the type of service that foreign visitors are looking for.
I specialize in bringing people up-close to the Andes through mountain biking.

I'm an enthusiastic mountain biker and like nothing better than showing off my beautiful homeland. After a couple of years in the U.S., where I traveled extensively (trekking, biking, and visiting good friends I knew from Huaraz, etc.), I decided to make one of my long-term dreams come true: to start up a business in mountain biking. Because I was already familiar with the region around Huaraz, I knew that there were great possibilities for all types of biking in terms of technical difficulty, single tracks, uphills, etc. Since then, I've explored the surrounding areas for much larger circuits in the Cordillera, especially in the Huascaran National Park. I'm proud to say that I've basically pioneered the sport here. I have been recommended in all the guide books and many world wide magazines have written articles about me and MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURES.

Our staff are knowledgeable, experienced and environmentally aware. When biking, we carry tools, supplies and communication to provide you with excellent mechanical support. The trails we use pass through primitive and remote areas which have seen very little activity. Our guides help to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment. If you want to bring your own bike and take advantage of our guiding service, you are welcome.

When trekking, our guides will do their best to show you many details along the trails. If you have specific interests, let us know so we can try and provide possible reading material or a guide with more local knowledge.

Our cooks are specialists in preparing the best food in the mountains. We know that good, healthy and well prepared food is important during an activity of physical exertion. Let us know in advance about any food needs or desires

We have a maintenance shop in Huaraz. Bikes are SPECIALIZED Rockhopper Full Suspension Rear, professionally tuned and ready to rip! We offer everything you need in order to have and outstanding experience in the Andes.

We provide all the necessary equipment such as cooking equipment, toilets etc for our camping, biking and trekking trips. We also can provide excellent logistical support from the airport to the mountains and back.

  • We use reliable airport transfer providers from the airport to your hotel or the bus station
  • We can also arrange private transportation to Huaraz
  • We can purchase your bus tickets in advance so you only need to arrive at the bus station and get them from the ticket seller
  • Vehicles are also provided for the starting and finishing points of your trekking, climbing or biking trips

Feel free to contact us if you would
like further information

OLAZA`s Bed & Breakfast, Huaraz's newest accommodation. Complimentary breakfast served on Huaraz's only open-air rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the Cordillera Blanca. They offer private rooms with comfortable single, double and queen-size beds, spacious bathrooms and high pressured, hot showers. As well there is all day dinning and kitchen facilities, an upstairs lounge with music, TV, DVDs books and games, free internet, laundry service, free storage and a safe-deposit for valuables.


THE LAZY DOG INN Bed and Breakfast. Opened in 2006, this cozy, ecologically balanced lodge offers accommodation in 2 private cabins or rooms in the main house. Situated at 3650 meters bordering on Parque Huascaran, and 12 km from Huaraz, it is an excellent place to acclimatize and relax after a long day. Home cooked meals are freshly prepared and served family style. The cabins have fireplaces and bathtubs, always hot water, outside fire pit, horses, Internet, peace and quiet and a view from all corners. A taste of comfort in the Mountains.


All of the recommended accommodations will provide everything you need and are a great source of information for what to do while you there. No worry if you don’t speak Spanish, they speak English and Spanish, and you will enjoy their tremendous hospitality.

In Lima we know comfortable, safe, quiet and well located places. Arrangements can be made for you in advance.


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